October 28: Martha Todd

Date: October 28, 7pm

Location : Richmond Cultural Centre

Topic: Quilts and Wall Hangings 

Martha has been an avid textile artist for many years specializing in quilting, hand dyeing,  felting and machine embroidery.  Many of her quilts are based on the log cabin block done mostly freeform,  meaning no ruler is used to cut the pieces.  
Her quilts in recent years were finished as wall hangings that are mounted ready to hang. The textiles in her quilted pieces include fabrics that have been dyed, discharged and embellished to create wonderful textural pieces.  
In the wall hangings are also bojagi inspired pieces made from hand-dyed silk organza.  
Martha had a company called Passionate Dyes with her friend and partner Susan Lum for many years and dyed hundreds of yards of cotton fabric that sold well at Quilt Shows throughout B.C. (She will bring some of these that she will offer for sale at a discount rate).  
Martha will bring as many quilts and wall hangings as will fit in her car, some hand dyed fabrics and a few of her most recent jewelery pieces.  She would like to explain some of the techniques used to make the quilts and wall hangings.  

Learn more about our speaker Martha Todd.

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