April 25: ‘Ramblings’ with Catherine Nicholls

Date: April 25, 2pm

Location: In person for members, available by Zoom for all.

Cost: Free       Please register here to receive a Zoom link

About Ramblings:

Curiosity, finding and collecting, recording, walking, mending and making are at the centre of my life and work. “Ramblings” is a virtual trunk show and talk about my development as a quilt maker, embroiderer, mender and maker of things and how my ramblings, both mental and physical, have influenced me and my work. Bits and pieces are brought together to create ideas and more practically repair the fabrics of everyday life. 

About the Presenter:

Catherine lives and works in Gibsons, BC.  She draws her inspiration from the natural world, her travels and the people she meets along the way.  Stories, legends and the history of people, place and culture are the creative raw materials for themed exhibitions world wide.  Catherine has exhibited world wide and has various pieces on tour on an ongoing basis.  Teaching has formed a large part of her daily life, with workshops in patchwork and quilting techniques, sketchbooks and journaling, life drawing, design and other passions.

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