Feb 28: ‘Gear’ with Bettina Matzkuhn

Date: February 28, 2pm

Location: In person for members only. Available by Zoom for all

Cost: Free Please register here.

Bettina Matzkuhn’s textile works include embroidered maps, sails and landscapes. Her recent project Gear examines human presence in the backcountry by deconstructing old backpacks. Into these, she sews densely embroidered images of landscapes, where the silk, cotton and linen contrast with the packs’ synthetic textiles. These are made from substances that damage the environment and do not biodegrade. However, their water repellant qualities, light weight, and sturdiness are valuable for human comfort and safety.

She has expanded Gear to include interactive pieces made from repurposed nylon, goretex and outdoor wear, which viewers can open to find hidden embroidered landscapes that suggest the effects of global warming. These have been exhibited across Canada.

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