President’s Challenge – “What If?”

In keeping with my ongoing challenge of stimulating your creative grey cells during the upcoming 2019-2020 term, here’s your next “What if…?” challenge!

It can involve the following themes and what their meaning and story is to you… You can choose any one of the ideas OR all to represent your challenge.

  • 2020 is Leap year
  • The summer Olympics will be in Tokyo, Japan

o Theme/motto – requiem and rebirth

o You can use one or more of… OR all the Olympic colours

  • but NO copyright Olympic symbols, unless you are using purchased approved Olympic products.
  • Japanese cultural themes and / or colours

As the designer of your piece:

– Create your own design and use of colour choices

– OK to use a commercial pattern but must be acknowledged on your label.

– Your choice of material and techniques is unlimited – NOT just fabrics… there’s yarn, paper (yes paper is a textile), wire, beads, buttons and so on and so on…

– Any use of mix-media, embellishments, techniques – all OK

– NO size limit

– Quilting design – your choice BUT needs to include circles and/or ovals (am I on theme?)

– Quilting method – hand, machine or a combination

– Be inspired – Inspiration comes from the world around us… just explore it!! Our perspective changes when we see with a different set of eyes and use our heightened senses…

“Show and Tell” Due Date – Tuesday, May 26, 2020 at our AGM

May this year’s challenge inspire, stretch and spark your imagination and creative juices!! Good Luck and have fun challenging yourself during the process!!