TAGOR – A finalist for the 2019 Richmond Arts Award.

In recognition of the hundreds of items that TAGOR donates annually in support of various organizations around Richmond, TAGOR was selected as one of the three finalists in the Volunteerism category for the 2019 Richmond Arts Award.  In our 2018/2019 operating year TAGOR donated over 400 items. Community Involvement

IMG_3858 volunteerism
Gail, Corisande, Vickie, Suzanne, Freda and Norma represented TAGOR at the ceremony announcing the winners of the various arts awards categories.

At our April monthly meeting, speaker Terry Aske gave us a ‘behind the scenes’ look at her wall hangings so we could see the techniques she uses to give her pieces depth and perspective.  We enjoyed her slide show, picked up some great tips and then she showed us some of her finished hangings.  It was awesome to get a really close look at what she’d just been explaining.

April community donations for kids and babies

March Show and Tell included a wonderful variety of pieces sewn and knit. 

Speaker Karen Johnson Fibre artist

We enjoyed hearing about what inspired Karen and how she took that inspiration and turned it into fabric art.

February: A delightful variety of donation quilts by Ellie, Moreen, Corisande and Gail.

IMG_3679 charityIMG_3678 charity

Irene Harvalias led a workshop to show us how to make interesting blocks out of strata of five 2.5″ strips.  Some people used jelly rolls and others used scraps.  We all started with the same process to produce quarter blocks.  These were then assembled into one of three patterns; Diamond, Cross or Pinwheel.

After choosing our block type we sewed them together.  When jelly rolls or full width of fabric (WOF) were used the quarter blocks could be put together in a way that emphasized the pattern.  The results were wonderfully varied.

At the January Show and Tell we enjoyed seeing a variety of projects

Our Christmas Party with Show and Tell