Jan 26: Playing with your Jelly Roll | Irene Harvalias

Date: January 26, 10am – 4pm

Location: Richmond Cultural Centre

Topic: Playing with your Jelly Roll

During the workshop participants will learn how to set up the pre-cut strips for quick sewing. When all strip stratas have been completed, participants will cut the stratas into blocks and “play” with them creating different designs according to the placement of the blocks. When all participants are happy with their individual designs, the quilt tops can be completed.

About Irene

Irene first came to Canada from Greece at the age of 14 and went through high school in Vancouver.  After school she returned to Greece, got married and three years later she and her husband I came to Vancouver as landed immigrants.  She has lived in B.C. since then.  After her children were all school age, she attended university and became a teacher.  She taught elementary school for 25 years and moved to Mayne Island upon retirement.

On Mayne she joined the quilt guild and learned how to quilt.  She has been quilting ever since and love it today as much as she did the first time she tried it!  Putting her teaching background to good use she has taught classes both at at Tom’s Sewing in Surrey, and  at several guilds.   Every Monday at Maywood community school – an inner city school near Metrotown she teaches a group of ladies that come to learn how to quilt. This goes on all through the school year and has been on-going for the last 12 years!

Jelly Roll Picture
Jelly Roll Quilt from Irene Harvalias’ Workshop

Feb 26: My Creative Process | Karen Johnson

Date: February 26, 6:45pm

Location: Richmond Cultural Centre

Topic: My Creative Process

Karen will share the influences on her creative journey. How she uses photos for inspiration, works on the design aspect of her work and plans her time so she’s doing what she truly loves to do.

From Karen:
I’ve been sewing since I was six years old, participated in a 4-H Clothing club growing up and then moved on to a Home Economics degree with a major in Clothing and Textiles.  So it’s not surprising that I eventually found my way to quilting. Now that I’m retired from teaching Home Economics, I’m caught up in the fun of experimenting with all the techniques in the world of art quilting. The streams I enjoy exploring are dyeing fabric, surface design, especially with thickened dyes, collage and incorporating paper. Although I’m trying to become more abstract in my work I’ve always been drawn to circles and leaves. The processes involved contribute to a fascinating journey.

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Apr 23: Architectural Art Quilts | Terry Aske

Date: April 23, 6:45pm

Location: Richmond Cultural Centre

Topic: Hard Edges in a Soft Medium.  Architectural Art Quilts

A PowerPoint presentation about the challenges of interpreting architectural structures with fabric and thread – making them look solid and three-dimensional by using perspective and value. I will show many examples of my architectural art quilts, and explain how I design and create them.

About Terry :
TERRY ASKE is an award-winning textile artist – she creates her art with fabric, thread and a sewing machine.  Primarily self-taught, Terry has been designing and creating
contemporary quilts since 1998 in her home studio in New Westminster, BC. Using a variety of techniques, she creates both realistic and abstract pieces.  Terry’s art quilts have been juried into many national and international shows and exhibits, and she has won awards in both the artistic and modern categories.

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