October 25: Layered Landscapes with Judy Villett

Date: October 25, 2pm

(In person for members only. Zoom available for all. Register here to receive a zoom link.)

Location: Atrium of the Richmond Library and Cultural Centre

Cost: Free

Judy writes about the presentation:

The illusion of depth is important in my textile art work. I fuse commercial and hand-dyed fabrics to a variety of space-age materials, combined with hand applique, painting and machine quilting. I sometimes have my photographs digitally printed on fabric, which I can then manipulate and quilt.

I will talk about and illustrate my inspiration for the “Vista” series, an ongoing exploration of the love/hate relationship between high rise buildings and landscape. Sculptural shapes spring up near every SkyTrain stop, blocking some views and framing others.

Hard and soft, near and far, manmade and nature, yin and yang…..our world in the southern Mainland of BC.

About the speaker:

Judy Villett

Judy Villett is a New Westminster textile artist. Her formal art education began at the University of Alberta in Fine Arts. Stepping outside the academic art world, she began to silkscreen images on fabric and added quilting to her designs. Combining traditional techniques and contemporary design was a breakthrough.  It led to a lifetime passion for the tactile quality and multidimensional aspects of cloth.  In a current series called Public Works combines her photographs, digitally printed on fabric with machine quilting, Judy takes a closeup look at the textures and patterns of the city. Another series, Vistas, is a long-distance view of high-rise structures and how they interact with nature. Her work has been shown in juried and solo exhibitions in England, Japan, USA, and Canada. Judy has recently retired from a long and satisfying career teaching across Canada and western USA. She continues to lecture, judge and curate while preparing work for solo or group exhibitions.

Nov 22: From Embroidery to Quilting with Dougal Walker

Date: November 22, 2pm

(In person for members only, Zoom available for all – please register here to receive invite.)

Location: Atrium of the Richmond Library and Cultural Centre

Cost: Free

Dougal Ann Walker is the designer of The Freckles Collection of whimsical stitchery and appliqué patterns. Combining hand-work with quilting techniques into a wall-hanging was the basic premise. Since first exhibiting at Houston Quilt Market, the patterns have been distributed around the world and have been published in a number of magazines.  The fabric might date but the design does not.

After moving to Ladner, B.C. in 2012 and working at The Quilted Bear for 4½ years, her interest shifted to scraps and teaching classes. Learning new techniques and the multitude of ways that scraps can be incorporated into a quilt became the challenge.  This is now her favourite quilting technique with many of the quilts donated.

Art quilts are another part of her quilting personae. The world is full of inspiration: to take an idea, research it and develop it into a wall-hanging, quite often using many techniques until the desired effect is reached. It is one of the more creative parts of her quilting journey. A few of her pieces have traveled to different shows and many have won awards at Guild shows and challenges.