November 26: A Design Process with Lorna Shapiro

Date: November 26, 6:30pm

Location: Fabric Arts Studio, 2nd floor of the Richmond Library and Cultural Centre

Lorna says, “I find it easy to think that other people’s beautiful quilts hatched, perfect in all respects, moments after they started their design. Then I remind myself that, for everyone, design is a process of exploration, of trial and error, of successes and less than successes. And each time I travel that road, I learn some new things about what is appealing to my aesthetic tastes. This presentation will walk you through some trial and error journeys I have taken, hoping that some of my lessons learned will be helpful in your design experiments. I’ll bring a number of my quilts and speak of what inspired the quilt design, my initial ideas, what changed along the way and why, and what I learned for next time!”