What we do

Formed in 1975 TAGOR is dedicated to advancing and encouraging all facets of textile arts including:

    • Brenda Freda Sherry muffs IMG_9208
      Fidget muffs and blankets help people with dementia settle. These pretty ones were made by Brenda, Freda and Sherry.

      Quilting – traditional, modern and art quilts

    • Knitting
    • Embroidery & other Needlework
    • Fabric Embellishing
    • Garment Making and Wearable Art
    • Appliqué
    • Doll & Stuffed Critter Making
    • Completing unfinished projects
    • Fidget Muffs
    • Banner Bags

Community Outreach

In our Fabric Arts Studio members share time, skills, ideas and fun while working on projects to be donated to the community.  Check out where our donated work goes Community Involvement.

Open Studio or UFO (Unfinished Fabric Objects)

(Unfinished Fabric Objects) Members bring their creative energy to work on personal projects.


Monthly meetings have either ‘Show and Tell‘ – an informal way of learning from each other or Speakers that inspire us with their creative work.  Workshops offer formal learning opportunities.  Check our Calendar for an overview of upcoming events. See here for Events details .

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We receive donations of fabrics from quilters as well as relatives and friends of quilters and sewers who have health issues and can no longer sew.  Some donations come from people who are moving and don’t want to pack it with them.  We use donations of big pieces of fabric, small scraps and partially completed projects.  All these are put to good use and the recipients are very grateful. (Where donations go)

Turning Point Thank You 20230321
Thank You card from Turning Point for Women March 2023